Illinois school district proposes great transparency reform

The Courier-News (Illinois) notes an exciting transparency proposal from a suburban Chicago school district: Proposal would put D300 FOIA info on Web.

A proposal that will be presented to a school board committee would allow the administrators to post the FOIA inquiries, as well as the requested documents, on the district’s Web site, D300 spokeswoman Allison Smith said.

“This would be a one-stop shop for FOIAs,” Smith said. “That should go a long way in terms of opening up some answers to some questions people may have.”

The downloadable FOIA forms on the district’s Web site would be just one on a list of features that have been added to the district site in the past eight months, such as board meeting packets and staffing needs, Smith said.

D300 would be one of the first — if not the first — school districts in Illinois to post FOIA documents on its Web Site, Smith said. A spokesman for the Illinois State Board of Education said, to his knowledge, there are no other districts that have this feature.

We’re collecting proposed transparency reforms at the WikiFoia, and this is going to the head of the list.



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