Two of my favorite subjects: open records and eminent domain

The Express-Times (New Jersey) reports this morning that a Readington, New Jersey resident is starting to achieve some traction in his battle over e-mails with Readington Township.

Readington Township declined to give Don Baldwin approximately 175 e-mails that Readington Township officials had exchanged with a public relations firm in advance of a $22 million referendum to buy land and development rights for an airport.

Mr. Baldwin appealed this denial to the New Jersey Government Records Council–a state government agency that citizens can turn to when they’ve been stonewalled on open records requests. They’ve agreed to look at the 175 e-mails that are being withheld to see if the e-mails ought to be released to the public, or kept secret, as Readington Township officials prefer.

Mr. Baldwin says:

“I think transparency on this type of issue is really at the core because it involves spending public funds on a public relations firm.”


“I think (the Government Records Council) will find that these are not privileged documents.”

We hope so.

Earlier articles about Mr. Baldwin’s search and related issues:

Readington record seekers: Good citizens or troublemakers?

Taxpayers Alliance of Readington.

Township spends nearly $100,000 on PR firm.


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