What’s the best “wikifarm” for our WikiFoia?

When we started the WikiFoia using PB Wiki, that was partly because I wasn’t aware that there are many different places to host a Wiki like ours.

Wikia is one of the major such sites, and has a lot of features I like except for the advertising.

On Wikia you have to submit your idea for a new Wiki because they want to evaluate the odds that a given Wiki idea will attract enough readers and editors to make it a worthwhile project over time.

I’d actually never been to the WikiMedia site, which lists all the major WikiMedia projects, including WikiBooks.

It does seem to me that a growing, collaborative WikiBook on open records would eventually be a good project, although for right now we’re happy to just keep collecting lots of how-to advice, open records blogs, news, advocacy groups, guidance and other odd corners of the open records world at our WikiFoia.

Meanwhile, I found a WikiBook on Managing Groups and Teams which led me to a section on social loafing which occupied me for some time before I realized that I was using it to socially loaf.


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