Encouraging open records news from Rhode Island

The town of Johnston pays $1,000 to settle open records case.

In early 2006, Carmine Perrotti filed a public records request with the city of Johnston, Rhode Island for two different contractual agreements.

City contracts are pretty basic. It’s not like he was asking for a year’s worth of emails from 1998.

Nevertheless, the town ignored his request.

The Rhode Island open records law gives the attorney general the responsibility of following up on open records requests that the citizen FOIAer believes are not being handled correctly. (Good for Rhode Island.)

Perrotti asked Rhode Island attorney general Patrick Lynch to get involved and Lynch did–in a big way, by suing Johnston last year.

Under the terms of the agreement reached between Lynch and the town of Johnston, they have to pay a $1,000 fine, acknowledge that they broke the law, distribute a copy of the law to their employees and give Mr. Perrotti the documents he has requested.

That’s what this article says.

What? After all this time, the town still hasn’t given him the basic contracts he asked for?

Makes you wonder what’s in those contracts, doesn’t it?


One response to “Encouraging open records news from Rhode Island

  1. Mr. Perotti should be sued for harrassing the citizens of the town of Johnston. Although he has not broken any law, he has consistently harrassed many of his neighbors and townsmen regarding anything he can get his grubby little hands on. He’s nothing but a menace to the town of Johnston and he goes out looking to cause trouble for the people. Anyone who goes out specifically look to get people in trouble for petty things is nothing but a piece of crap in my book.

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