Fighting city hall

The other day I mentioned that the city of Pomona threatened the anonymous bloggers, Publius and Centinel, at the Foothill Cities blog.

Being anonymous doesn’t mean you can’t hire an attorney, who sent a letter (page 1 and page 2) to the city attorney in Pomona, which fairly lays out the issues.

This attitude of the city of Pomona toward Publius and Centinel and their upstart blog reminds me of another blog I like to watch, The Electric City blog out of Great Falls, Montana.

GeeGuy has been using the Montana open records process since December 2006 to try to obtain copies of documents pertaining to the city’s desire to invest in a coal-generating plant.  (To find all the posts, in the blogroll on the right, under “labels”, click on “coal plant”.)

Don’t those seem like the kind of documents that would be readily and eagerly shared by a city about to embark on such a venture?

As it turns out, not so much.


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