Welcome to the club

I had to laugh at the last line: Welcome to the club.

FOIAers can end up feeling isolated, not to mention feeling like targets for the slings and arrows of city managers or school district superintendents.

I’m sure many citizen FOIAers give up after a round or two.

The National Freedom of Information Council hosts a FOIA listserv which is a good place to find support and information. The comments function and forum at WikiFoia can also be a place to ask a question or address a concern based on how your specific FOIA fortunes are faring.

FOIA-filing reporters and attorneys share many obstacles in common with “citizen FOIAers” but–I think citizen FOIAers can have a slightly different set of concerns.

We’re creating an informal Yahoo e-group for citizen FOIAers–which professional FOIAers are also more than welcome to join, which will provide another way for citizen FOIAers to get to know people in other states who are facing the same issues they’re facing–and maybe to find a more experienced person who will have some good ideas about how to proceed.

Update: Read what this citizen FOIAer had to put up with.


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