Switching teams

Beau Biden, the attorney general in Delaware, has announced his support of an important legislative initiative that would allow the attorney general’s office to represent citizens who file open records requests if they believe (and his office agrees) that their requests are meeting with illegal resistance.

Right now, the Delaware attorney general’s office represents the cities, counties and school districts when private citizens file lawsuits asserting that those entities are illegally refusing to provide requested documents.

Delaware state senate president Thurman Adams is is concerned that the new bill would stretch the attorney general’s staff too thin.

Of course, that would only happen if lots of citizens are having to turn to the Attorney General because they are having difficulty obtaining the records they seek.

Delaware Citizen FOIA hero Dana Garrett is unimpressed with Thurman Adams and his concerns.

Another citizen journalist weighs in.

Charles Davis says Kudos to Beau.

See also When Attorney General is also public’s lawyer, expect information.


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