Open records links

In Washington, the state government’s top watchdog for open records enforcement is leaving to start a private practice in the area of open government. Unfortunately, although not for his practice, he will undoubtedly have plenty of business. A blogger applauds Mr. Overstreet.

A newspaper in New Mexico had to sue to find out the names of those applying for the position of city manager in Farmington, NM. They won this morning. Daily Times editor Troy Turner says, “We do not elect a ’just trust me’ government.”

In Tennessee, another newspaper sues and wins, this time at the level of their state Supreme Court. A blogger is happy. So is another blogger.

In Wisconsin, a school district settles out of court. That was probably the smart move. The attorney for the citizen requestor says, “”All the expenses in this action — both for the district and my client — could have been avoided if [the school district] had originally sent the requested records.” Citizen requestor Daniel Wilson had asked for copies of legal bills paid by the district so he could figure out how much they had spent on a recall election.

In Texas, a feisty blogger asks, “Are there laws for other cities and then Waxahachie or what?”. Scroll down to second item.


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