Kentucky sets the pace for open records soap operas

Last week, we noted an open records soap opera in Kentucky.

That was the governor’s former communications director lying about having filed an open records request.

Remember that Kentucky holds its elections for statewide constitutional officers this November.

This week, the Democratic nominee for state Agriculture Commissioner has been arrested for threatening his niece.

David Lynn Williams is his name. Her name is Sheila Oliver. She is the clerk for the city of Glasgow, Kentucky.

Mr. Williams filed an open records request with the city of Glasgow.

She said she did not have the records he sought.

Mr. Williams has acknowledged to officers of the law that he indicated to his niece that he would hit her, if she was a man.

Politicians and bloggers in Kentucky are calling for Mr. Williams to withdraw from the race.

A reporter descibes what Mr. Williams sought:

Williams had turned in a written open-records request to Glasgow City Attorney Rich Alexander on Thursday, looking to find out how much Alexander bills the city each month. Oliver told Williams the city was not in possession of the contracts that Williams wanted. At that point, Oliver said, Williams accused her of lying and became agitated.

Apart from Mr. Williams’ bad behavior…why didn’t the city have those contracts? Shouldn’t it be fairly easy for a person to obtain records from a city that would tell him or her how much that city is paying its attorney?


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