Colorado political groups using open records

At least two groups in Colorado are using open records requests for what is sometimes dismissively referred to as “political purposes”.

According to this article, the Republican Study Committee of Colorado has requested records (or, as the article says, “targeted”) five county commissioners for email messages going back five years.

One of the “targets” says:

“It sounds like a fishing expedition.”

Meanwhile, the group Colorado Citizens for Ethics in Government has filed open records requests with the Colorado Secretary of State to determine if an employee of that office violated state law by using government resources to promote his private (in this case, Republican) political projects.

Colorado has relatively robust open records laws, making all of this possible.

If an employee of the Secretary of State’s office was using government resources for a partisan political agenda, how will anyone know if interested parties are unable to get copies of public records?

If any or all of the five county commissioners whose emails are sought were doing who-knows-what with their government-issued email, how could anyone find out if their emails are not made available for public inspection?


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