Open records: so many uses

The Seattle Times reports that emails have been recovered through Washington’s open records law that shed some light on fraud allegations in a 2004 voter registration drive conducted by ACORN.

Fort Wayne Left wonders whether city attorneys understand the city’s obligations under Indiana’s open records law. After reading the article they reference, I wonder the same thing. In this case, a citizen wants to know more about the city’s involvement in a very expensive redevelopment project.

The New York Sun reports that mayors who have joined with NYC mayor Bloomberg in a coalition that is at least somewhat anti-gun are receiving open records requests from a lawfirm that sometimes does work for the National Rifle Association. This blogger wonders if reporters take a different attitude toward open records requests depending on who they come from, and what they’re about. Hypocrisy?

The blogger at Georgia Unfiltered says that political connections pay when it comes to getting the records you seek and notes that it shouldn’t be that way.

You can file open records for many things, including traffic violations.


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