School sunshine in North Dakota

The North Dakota Policy Council released a proposal earlier this week calling for all public school districts in that state to provide significant amounts of financial information online, in easily searchable formats so that regular citizens can see how school budgets work and what the money is being spent on.

The North Dakota Policy Council has a blog which is tracking the news coverage they’ve received about this proposal.

I’m in favor of government agencies routinely providing such information online. The information is then available without delay, and without citizens having to figure out how to file open records requests to get it.

Update: The SPN blog notices opposition to this transparency reform from a North Dakota political party.

See also what North Dakota blog Say Anything thinks, and Richard at the Sam Adams Alliance blog.


One response to “School sunshine in North Dakota

  1. Did you see the bit posted on the blog of the ND Democratic Party? I wrote about it today on the Sam blog:

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