Hometown rabble-rousers benefit from open records law

That’s the kind of headline we like to see.

It’s from the Courier Post, a New Jersey newspaper, on an article about four New Jersey residents who are making very effective use of that state’s open records laws to bring about greater political transparency.

Baldwin, 58, and fellow township resident Ed Dudzinski unearthed documents that detailed Readington paying a public relations firm $100,000 to release information about the township’s attempt to purchase land surrounding Solberg Airport. Dudzinski has spent over $1,500 on requested documents.

Baldwin describes his approach:

“I see a red flag somewhere, and then through OPRA I’m able to flush out the details or dismiss it,” Baldwin said.

The article also mentions John Paff as “the leader in making OPRA requests”. Paff usually files three to four a week.

(Paff is also keeping the New Jersey and other sections of WikiFOIA up-to-date.)

Lisa Becker is mentioned in the article for having founded an online community watchdog site, The Barnegat Press to promote transparency and accountability in her county.

I’m inspired.


One response to “Hometown rabble-rousers benefit from open records law

  1. Hi,

    Just to let you know… the Dudzinski Baldwin OPRA issue is NOT what it seems. Dudzinski is a developer who is hoping for the airport here to expand while the residents here have voted time and again against such an action.

    The information they found is literally not new news and the majority here in the township are willing to spend MORE money to keep the airport from expanding.

    If you care about openess then learn a little more about what is really going on.

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