Happy Birthday, Lucy Burns

The WikiFOIA is sponsored by the Lucy Burns Institute, which is named after Lucy Burns.

Tomorrow, July 28, is her birthday, and we’re celebrating in a couple of different ways.

Carnival of Open Records

Next week, working with other blogs that write about open records and FOIA, we’re hosting the first edition of The Carnival of Open Records.

Once a week, the Carnival of Open Records will pull together the best blog posts of the week that inform, educate, analyse, advocate and ruminate about Freedom of Information issues, whether on the state or federal levels.

We have the honor of hosting the 1st edition here. It’ll be up on Wednesday, August 1.

Lucy Burns on Facebook

Lucy Burns is now on Facebook. Starting in September, she is going to re-enact on Facebook her political work starting in 1913. If you’re on Facebook, sign up to be Lucy’s friend and you’ll be able to read her status updates.

Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week

We are accepting nominations.


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