Monday open records links

In Washington, advocates of open government are generally aghast that Gov. Chris Gregoire has appointed Tom Carr to a state committee charged with examining exemptions to that state’s open records law.

Washington blogger Stefan Sharkansky says the appointment is drawing criticism from all sides, with some saying that Carr is a foe of open records.

South Dakota ranks low on the open government scale compared to other states. The governor is mulling changes. It doesn’t sound to me like the changes are big enough or fast-tracked enough.

Public access to important government documents is one thing. Poorly designed voting machines that mean your ballot is not secret are another thing.

If a non-profit organization is contracting with a government agency to perform a governmental function, should its records be open? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says yes with respect to two groups that manage park lands in Atlanta. The non-profits disagree.

In 2002, Seattle voters narrowly approved by initiative a 14-mile transit monorail system. The monorail project was subsequently abandoned but it has become the source of a long-drawn-out dispute over open records. The Washington Coalition for Open Government is a major force in seeking a resolution that is pro-open records.


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