Public records props to Bucks County Democrats

Dems push online access to county records, reports The Intelligencer.

There’s a county commissioner election in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Dems running for seats on the commission say that if elected, they’ll make sure the county’s website provides more useful information to county residents.

Specifically, they’d like to see:

An open records policy, a searchable database of contracts and online access to budgets and financial reports.

In an article at WikiFOiA on Transparency Reforms, we’ve argued that getting local governments to routinely place these basic documents online is just as important as working to make sure that states have good open records legislation (and making sure they actually follow it).

Incumbent GOP commissioners say they’ve improved the county website, and they’re committed to further improvements. Since they could have said that having to put all that information online would take up valuable government time and resources, I give them half props.

But Steve Santarsiero and Diane Marseglia, the Fighting Dems of Bucks County, get full props.


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