FOIA delivery in Michigan leads to duelling assault charges

The story I mentioned here a few hours ago has now led to charges of assault and threatening behavior:

[Central Michigan University] junior Dennis Lennox, of the student-run group Students Against Gary Peters, was attempting to serve a FOIA request for e-mails between Peters and Pamela Gates, dean of the college of humanities, social and behavioral sciences, Monday afternoon when he alleges that Gates assaulted him.

“It was a routine request,” Lennox said by telephone. “What happened was unfortunate. I can’t understand what happened. I’ve never experienced such a hostile response to a FOIA request.”

Meanwhile, Gates has filed a criminal complaint against Lennox with the university’s police department:

“This is an ongoing situation,” Smith [spokesperson for Gates] said. “Mr. Lennox has basically been stalking officials including Gary Peters. Dean Gates feared for her own safety with the way he approached her in her office. The charges will be sent to the prosecutor of Isabella County.”


One response to “FOIA delivery in Michigan leads to duelling assault charges

  1. TJC is following this and other cases where information does not flow freely. The concept of the FOIA has been lost on government officials. The reality from where TJC sits atop a stack of “requests” is that open government works best when government has nothing to hide. When and if our friends in congress pass and the President signs the Open Government Act of 2007 we will possible have real open government.

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