Open records links

Arizona: Try though it might, the Arizona Republic can’t get a few simple FOIA requests met by Maricopa County.

California: Gov. Schwarzenegger vetos a good FOIA reform.

Michigan: Probe determines that city of Kalamazoo failed to comply with FOIA in a 2003 investigation.

Michigan: The guerilla street theatre production that is Election 2008 hums right along with the posting of this clip about what happened when a firm? aggressive? student with a camera filmed the attempted delivery of a FOIA request with Pamela Gates, a college administrator in central Michigan.

Washington: There are two newspapers in Seattle who have a joint operating agreement. There’s a group that wants Seattle to decisively be a two-paper town. They’re suing the state’s Attorney General on the grounds that the AG wrongfully withheld public documents relating to the joint operating agreement between the two papers.

Washington: Would the two-newspaper group have felt a chill wind had they read this article? Prosecutors in Pierce County, Washington are suing a group (a well-heeled builder’s association) claiming that it filed a frivolous FOIA seeking information on election fraud in 2006.  


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