Sad news from Pennsylvania

If you read the open records blogs, you already know the sad legislative story captured by one writer in the headline:

Pennsylvania open-records bill gutted with last-minute amendments.

Right around the time we started this blog, Jamie and Dani and others started the blog, Pass Open Records. Their purpose was to build awareness about why freedom of information matters, about the serious deficiencies in Pennsylvania’s current law, and to share hope and information about legislative proposals to reform that bad law. (Their laws tie with South Dakota for worst in the country.)

The reform bills were gutted by provisions slipped in “in the dark of night”–that sounds melodramatic, but is literally true in this case.

Go to Pass Open Records and read all the disturbing details.

Jamie speculates about why the reform provisions were filleted.

A CYNIC MIGHT ALSO point out that the committee’s majority [party] all voted to keep more records secret, at a time when their own caucus’ private papers are being examined by a grand jury that was empaneled to determine if taxpayers’ money was used illegally to reward House staffers for working on political campaigns.

I took out the name of the party because, frankly, it doesn’t matter. I am reasonably confident that had it been the other party, they would have done the same thing. (She said, cynically.)

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