In Washington, a fox guards the henhouse.

When Tom Carr was appointed head of the Washington state government’s “Sunshine Committee” back in August, the freedom-of-information community was more than a little concerned.

Their concerns were well-founded. Last week, Carr–who is also the city attorney in Seattle–subpoenaed three reporters for the Seattle Times demanding to know their sources for stories they wrote about some policemen who were under investigation.

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2 responses to “In Washington, a fox guards the henhouse.

  1. Apparantly, Carr had no idea! that his underlings were issuing subpoenas to the press:

  2. Yeah, the guy is clueless. Heheeheh.

    Sure he did, or he hires clueless effs, which reflect right back on him.

    When some (smaller) Washington State dailies started editorializing that Carr needs to go, miraculously, the subpoenas were withdrawn, but it was a whole week, and lots of press, before that happened.

    The Geezer

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