Happy New Year

I had a wonderful break with my family. We’ve had more snow this year than in recent memory, and it’s all beautiful.


I am happily looking forward to covering 2008’s developments in the area of state-level sunshine. We have some new projects and content areas planned at WikiFOIA but apart from our plans, it really is a thrill and a privilege to have this place and the time to pay attention to sunshine laws in the various states.

The last two Sunshine Troublemakers we wrote about literally lost their jobs for filing open records requests. I’m not under any illusion that we are rapidly approaching an era where regular folks can reliably, inexpensively and easily find out what their local units of government are up to. But it’s a new year, and what I’ll hope for is progress.

Here’s to transparency strides in 2008.


One response to “Happy New Year

  1. Failure to produce documents when requested and without good reasons, can be used in subsequent actions when it appears obvious that the failure to produce docs was part of a coverup.

    See Petition for administrative hearing to the City of Augustine.

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