Carnival of Open Records, 10th Edition

Three straight days of rain here in Madison had eroded my spirit of carnival until I ran across this image:


Which inspired us to scour the internet for blogs–including several we’ve never run across before–writing about open records for 2008’s first Carnival of Open Records.

The theme for this week’s carnival is an overflow of New Year’s optimism tinged with doubt.

The Texas Observer is optimistic that they will someday see some gubernatorial e-mails in: Coming Up: A Glimpse Of Perry’s Emails.

For the Pennsylvania Progressives, it is not too soon in the New Year to note that records are only open if you can get them.

Our stalwart friends Jamie and Dani, also in Pennsylvania, note that the New Year is composed of both Doubt and Hope.

Here’s a charming blog we’ve never encountered before: The New York Zoning and Municipal Law Blog, which notes, none too early in the New Year, that agencies have the burden of proof when it comes to asserting exemptions.

Do you really care about open records? They’re wondering in Rapid City.

If it weren’t for the Oconee County Observers, I suspect that Oconee County Board of Commissioners would be in a carnival mood way too often.

How do you know when you’ve become a true-blue open records blog?, Part I. When you use the phrase “again and again and again” in a way we can all relate to.

Open Records: 1; Police Department: 0. From our house to your house, may you get to say that again in 2008.

How do you know when you’ve become a true-blue open records blog?, Part 2. When you write, The bigger question, though, is why the City is working so danged hard to keep this stuff from us?.

How do you know when you’ve become a true-blue open records blog?, Part 3. When you write, Access to police blotters matters and make us believe it.

Join us for the next Carnival or better yet, sign up to host an edition in 2008 and add one of these to your blog:

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