Has the world come to this?

Can’t an honest newspaper file an open records request without a city attorney writing a plaintive letter saying “Why is the newspaper so mad at the city?”

I’m going to give you a clue, Attorney Wells, about why the newspaper is so mad at Fort Morgan.

I am guessing it is because:

“…the records The Times originally asked for were destroyed.”

I know that would make me angry. And then I would be even angrier if instead of getting the public records I had asked for, I got treated to your puzzled quasi-therapeutic non-responsive response.

In this case, the city is also expressing concern that taxpayer dollars will have to be used because of the lawsuit the newspaper (the Fort Morgan Times) is threatening.

Here’s another clue: If you are withholding (or destroying) public documents, and cause the newspaper to have to sue you to get those public documents, it is entirely your own responsibility if taxpayer resources are wasted unsuccessfully defending your non-right to withhold public documents.


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