Friday Follow-a-FOIA, January 2008, Part III

Part I and Part II.

Wisconsin assemblyman Mark Gottlieb has cavalierly ignored my desire to be able to complain about something. After I sent him my request just two weeks ago, he immediately and without charge sent me 12 pages of e-mails that he exchanged with lobbyists and other interested parties on a bill he is sponsoring. The legislation is about changing the way that professional consultants are selected for large public works projects.

Rep. Gottlieb supports moving toward something known as a “quality-based selection process”. I have no opinion on this legislation, but strong arguments are lobbed at Rep. Gottlieb from both sides, as you can see at this link. I also infer from the e-mails exchanged back-and-forth that:

(a) Some interest groups are deeply interested in this legislation.
(b) Rep. Gottlieb is, surprisingly, a bit of a policy wonk.

Friday FOIA Scorecard:

This whole process took maybe ten minutes (not counting the time scanning the documents so I could upload them).

Rep. Gottlieb gets 4 1/2 suns out of a maximum five–the only thing he could have done better is to post clear information somewhere on his website about the process for asking for public documents. This is something all the members of the Wisconsin legislature might consider doing.

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