Sal Sciarrino: Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week

Our first Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week award in 2008–and the 15th STOTW overall–goes to Sal Sciarrino of Marco Island, Florida.

A complaint by Mr. Sciarrino has led to the Florida Attorney General’s office pursuing a non-criminal charge against Marco Island city council member Chuck Kiester for violating Florida’s sunshine laws.

Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week

City councilman Kiester is charged with deleting e-mails related to city business from his home e-mail account. Kiester has admitted to doing so.

The Naples Daily News maintains:

“Multiple state attorney general opinions have maintained for 11 years that such e-mails should be considered public records.”

However, this appears to be the first time charges or complaints have moved forward against a municipal politician based on a potential violation of those opinions.

Meanwhile, my readers already know whose fault this all really is. It is the fault of Sal Sciarrino, who is an extremely bad troublemaker.

Mr. Sciarrino, a private citizen, stands accused of having a “political motivation”.

Also, “It’s a travesty to waste the time and effort of the state’s attorney on a piece of junk like this.”

Chuck Kiester–the public official who deleted his e-mails about public matters–told the Marco Island Sun Times:

“”I regret that any of this came up. We have enough controversies going on here (on Marco). This is adding fuel to the fire and putting Marco Island in less than rosy light.”

It gets worse: “The folks who are involved in filing the complaint are clearly doing it to get even.”

Also, Sal Sciarrino was a “front man”.

Mr. Sciarrino, we congratulate you and happily welcome you to the ranks of those who have been thanked for their efforts to shed some local government sunshine by public rebuke.

STOTW Note: On weeks when we don’t have an STOTW award, it’s because of lack of time on my part, not lack of extremely well-qualified candidates.

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