17 governors, 17 bloggers: Sunshine!

As of this morning, 17 18 19 20 bloggers in 17 18 19 20 states have agreed to send one simple open records request to their governor asking for four recent days of e-mail records: The Sunshine Blogger Project.

Ian Lind in Hawaii has started to blog about his request to GOP governor Linda Lingle.

So has Chad Nodland from North Dakota.

In the state that started it all, Robert Guest is blogging about his request.

States with GOP governors where bloggers are sending requests: Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiani, Mississippi, North Dakota, Texas.

States with Dem governors where bloggers are sending requests: Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin.

We’ve contacted bloggers in all 50 states and hope that the number of requesting-bloggers grows by the end of the week. We’ll keep you posted.

Also, John Washburn did an interview with a reporter for Texas public radio last week, and mentioned our project:

Here’s that audio file.

Washburn’s World.


3 responses to “17 governors, 17 bloggers: Sunshine!

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  3. Thanks to Hawaii closing the ability to gain access to public records, now school districts in budget crunches are suing parents who request records on thier kids and other school activities that are public record… saying it is causing them a hardship.


    I know they are different, but now I see sunshine laws and the Constitution being out the window in no time.

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