An appalling attack on a political blogger in North Dakota

I have never met Chad Nodland, the North Decoder blogger. Chad was the Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week back in August 2007 and we occasionally email back and forth.

I admire the work he has done to expose wrongdoing at the North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance agency–part of North Dakota’s state government.

On some level, Chad and I bat for different teams politically–my major political allegiance is to fiscal conservatism and free markets.

Part of fiscal conservatism is rooting out waste and fraud where it occurs at the federal, state or local level. People of all political persuasions should wish to do this–either to save the money for the taxpayer or use it to fund other government programs that do work.

I am sickened to learn that as Mr. Nodland pursues his cause against North Dakota’s insurance agency, he has become the target of an outrageous personal vendetta:

It’s personal.

Please visit Chad’s site and offer your thoughts.


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