Our most recent Wisconsin blizzard

A few years ago, I went with my family on a short mission trip to the area that had been struck by Hurricane Katrina. It was about seven months after that devasting hurricane. One of the things I remember most as we approached New Orleans was how much greater the devastation was, up-close-and-personal.

Although our unusual weather in Wisconsin this year bears no comparison to the severity and destruction of Katrina, I do think you’d have to be here to understand quite how often it has snowed, how much it has snowed, how bad the roads are, and how much distress the trees are in. Did I mention how often it snows?

These pictures are from our yard–a yard I expect to see a lot of, since I’m not planning to drive anytime soon.




6 responses to “Our most recent Wisconsin blizzard

  1. Thanks for the pictures. Wow. I can only imagine. Is the silo really leaning, or is that just the angle of the photo?
    Sister Alison

  2. Hi Ali!

    It’s the angle of the photo. Don’t you love that silo?

  3. Yes, New Orleans and the Mississippi gulf coast were hit hard and it is great that people feel our pain, But no matter where you go, there are always weather disasters that affect the local populations.

    Like the excessive snowfall you guys had to the tornados in Tn. to the fires and earthquackes on the west coast. We all have our crosses to bear. That is just a part of life, But people caring for one another is the rewards of these problems.

    It seems like the more trouble we, as humans go through, the tighter we get. It crosses racial lines, political lines and many “Other” factors that tend to seperate us.

    Maybe it is Gods way of keeping us togather.

    Great pictures.

  4. wow this amazed me!!!! i cannot beliieve that happened!!!

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