Update on Sunshine Blogger Project

Most recent update: Sunshine bloggers in 20 states.

Bloggers in 20 states are chipping away at the project of determining whether or not the Office of the Governor in their state is able to produce 4 days of email records in response to a narrowly tailored, clear and unambiguous request: The Sunshine Blogger Project.

From the e-mails I get from our requestors, I understand that a number of gubernatorial offices and their legal staff, however, regard the narrowly tailored, clear and unambiguous request as broad, indecipherable, unclear and in need of a great deal of clarification.

We look forward to blogger accounts in the weeks and months to come. Crack The Bell in South Carolina, for instance, and Bob Weeks in Kansas.

At the end of the day, we’ll be able to provide a comprehensive, state-by-state results chart to anyone who is interested in whether gubernatorial offices by-and-large are able to maintain and archive e-mailed public documents so as to make them quickly and inexpensively available to their constituents.

Thanks to Nisha Thompson of the Sunlight Foundation for mentioning this project in her latest Local Sunlight column.

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