Government employees visiting websites

I’m in favor of accountability and folks not wasting time at work but geez, there’s a whole article in a Massachusetts paper this morning trying to make an issue out of the fact that in January, 238 Water Resource Authority employees spent a total of 15 hours on Altogether, these employees visited 6,864 sites. Am I out-of-touch? That doesn’t seem that excessive to me.

The genuinely interesting part about the story is that the Massachusetts Turnpike and Water Resource Authorities were the only state agencies able to provide records about website visits by employees.

The Massachusetts Port Authority, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, the Massachusetts Housing Authority, the office of the state comptroller, the Health Insurance Connector, the state legislature and the inspector general for the state all either said they couldn’t come up with the records or could, but chose not to.

The Office of the Governor (the governor is Deval Patrick) said:

“We have reviewed your request and found no responsive documents in the possession of the Governor’s Office.”

Is this a believable claim? Do you believe that no one in the Office of the Govenor visited any non-work-related websites over a 30-day-period? Sorry, but I don’t.


One response to “Government employees visiting websites

  1. Sure that’s a believable claim. Not that no one in the office ever visited non-work related websites, but that there is no document showing that they did.

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