Michigan: conflict leaves paper trail

The Battle Creek (Michigan) Enquirer recently wrote a long, detailed story about a fight between a union and a local school district. The union ultimately prevailed. It used a number of open records requests along the way. The long (long) timeline published by the Enquirer as they recount the story starts out by saying that part of what it illustrates is “how much unions are willing to press the issue in order to obtain a piece of an increasingly lucrative business”.

Prevailing politics: Conflict leaves paper trail in high school’s construction.

There’s something unfair about this. It’s not the union’s fault that it had to file umpteen open records requests and have repeated conversations about them with various officials. Sure, you can make it look like the union is some heavily-financed obsessive rat terrier shaking a hapless rat to get what it wants. The problem is, having to file umpteen requests and have many discussions about them is, sadly, par for the course with open records. It shouldn’t be, and it isn’t the union’s fault that it is.


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