Anonymous blogger ruffles feathers of police chief

We don’t get that many open records stories here in the quiet state of Wisconsin, but when we do get one, it’s really good.

“John Adams” is the pseudonym of a blogger from Whitewater, Wisconsin. He writes the Free Whitewater blog. In this capacity, he drove the chief of police, James Coan, so far around the bend that the Chief dropped in unannounced at the home of a Whitewater resident and behaved very poorly.

The anonymous-blogger-known-as-John-Adams got someone to file an open records request with the city. In this process, it was learned that on three different occasions, “John Adams” had been referred to as, variously, “suspect,” “No. 1 suspect” and “person of interest.”

(Mr. Adams is not accused of any crime other than writing a blog.)

Laird Scott, the citizen whose home was visited by the police chief asking him to cease-and-desist from his blog publishing, local reporters have learned, wears his hair in a pony-tail and once volunteered with the Peace Corps.

In one of the recovered e-mails, Whitewater Police Detective Tina Winger said, “I think it is someone we want to keep an eye on. Seems like an anti-government radical to me.”

Except for the fact that Johnny Depp is in Wisconsin filming a movie, this would be about the most exciting thing that has happened here in long time. To top it off, the anonymous blogger says he is a Libertarian. I’m a libertarian, and I think there are about 17 of us here in the cheddar state. I hope Police Chief Coan doesn’t try to subpoena my rolodex.


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