Sunshine Week ton o’ links

As Sunshine Week gets off to a roaring start, what we are learning is that when newspapers plan projects, they don’t talk about them until the results are in. Interesting concept.

Sunshine Week test of New Hampshire school districts: Mixed results. 8 school districts handed over teacher contracts, but not one of them complied with a request for superintendent contracts. I believe that superintendents make much more money than teachers.

At the GateHouse News Service, reporters FOIAd 50 states for various documents.

The Austin Statesman does a round-up of top stories only possible because of FOIA.

AP reporter Robert Tanner does a round-up article the bottom line of which is: States steadily close public access to information. From September 11 through now, 616 new state-level laws have passed restricting information. Zounds. On the good side, 284 laws improved state-level access.

Tennessee newspapers are celebrating Sunshine Week with a batch of great reading such as Help Tennesseans get public information.

On the federal level, more than 200,000 requests are languishing.

A Sunshine Week growl from California: That’s the week that the media uses to castigate the Legislature for not making their job of printing embarrassing stories about politicians easier.

More later.


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