Blogger exhibits healthy cynicism and other Sunshine Week links

The Sonoran Alliance, a blog that covers Arizona politics, notes that Arizona Attorney General Goddard took advantage of Sunshine Week to share his commitment to open government.

The Sonoran Alliance suggests “Now would be a good time to submit a public records request to the Attorney General’s Office and find out how much Goddard has spent on publications promoting himself.”

  • An Ohio newspaper on the stories that wouldn’t exist but for open records.
  • The Post-Gazette in Pennsylvania commemorates Sunshine Week with a great big old lawsuit against West Virginia University.
  • Here’s a Sunshine Week thought to ponder: “It will be interesting to discuss whether it is standard practice for a public official to divest all file materials shortly after completing (the investigation of) a controversial killing involving 12 or more law enforcement agencies.” Count me in!
  • Gov. Jim Doyle doing better than last year at filling open records requests. This year, about 50% of requestors got their records. Last year, it was 16%.
  • 1,362 news articles on “open records” in the last 24 hours. That’s how you know its Sunshine Week.
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