Transparency is great! But…wait…not my e-mails

According to the Columbus Dispatch, that’s the position of Marc Dann, the Attorney General of Ohio.

Reporter James Nash notes that in his career as a politician, Dann himself has regularly used “sweeping records requests”, run on a platform of transparency, and asserted that e-mails are public information.

However, when asked for three months of e-mail exchanges between himself and Jessica Utovich, a former scheduler in his office, Dann responded by asserting that the request was overly broad. Dann also said, in his response, that e-mails are not public records.

This change of opinion could be traceable to a complicated situation facing Dann that involves allegations of sightings of pajama-clad staff persons at a condo.

AG Dann struggling with dirty laundry.

How bad is it? You know it’s bad when the headline is:

PJs or sweats at Dann’s condo?

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