Experimenting with blog and wiki formats

As my 29 regular readers can see, I’m experimenting with a different blog theme. The quotation format in the old blog theme was always hard to read, so I’m going to try this one for awhile. Like it? Hate it?

A more important renovation is underway at our project, WikiFOIA. When we started WF a bit over a year ago, we chose PBWiki, one of several wikifarms. PBWiki has been great, but we’ve been wanting to add some features that are much easier to incorporate using the MediaWiki format–the format used at Wikipedia. We’re gradually going to shift some of WikiFOIA’s content to a subportal at Sunshine Review, which uses MediaWiki. It’s very beta but you can get the general idea.

Two other wikis I’ve contributed to that use MediaWiki to focus on a particular area are Ballotpedia and Judgepedia. For people who are still getting used to Wikipedia, it’s a hike in tall weeds to persuade them of the beauty of the wiki format for curating information about specific subject areas. Some of my other favorite wikis are:

The Cookbook Wiki.

Wiki Travel.

Lyric Wiki.

And last but not least,



One response to “Experimenting with blog and wiki formats

  1. Hi! As the founder of PBwiki, I’m sad to see that you’re looking to move this important wiki off of our platform. I’d love to hear from you what features you’re looking for from a wiki service.

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