Freedom of information in Kent, New York

Kent Fiscal Watch has started a tremendously useful local website geared toward helping residents of the Town of Kent, in Putnam County, New York, know everything they could possibly want to know about local governments, government budgeting and expenditures, and public records.

Blogs or websites like this are sometimes called “place blogs”, because they intensively cover one particular (usually small) geographic area, allowing information and news to accumulate over time to create a rich historical record and a place for residents to come together and discuss the news of the day–or contribute news, as the case may be.

Here’s a good link I found on the Kent Fiscal Watch Site, Ten Steps to Getting Government Information.


2 responses to “Freedom of information in Kent, New York

  1. Hi Leslie… Thanks for your blog post and adding us to your “Blogroll of Citizen FOIAers.” We are up to 22 members and growing… We’d love to exchange “best practices” with other local advocacy groups. We can be reached at

    Maurene Caplan Grey
    Chair, Communications Committee
    Kent Fiscal Watch

  2. P.S. Kent Fiscal Watch is a non-partisan, citizen-run advocacy group in the Town of Kent (Lower Hudson Valley, Putnam County, NY 10512). Not to be confused with Kent, NY, (Orleans County, northern tip of NY). We know… it’s confusing.

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