Gov. Mike Easley’s staff deleted e-mails

In North Carolina, it turns out that three members of Gov. Easley’s staff regularly deleted their e-mails. The e-mails that they deleted might be important public records.

Last month, Gov. Easley told the News & Observer that although these staff members “thought” they had been told by Renee Hoffman, the governor’s press secretary, to destroy these public records, that Thank Goodness, none of them actually did. Or, as he put it,

“The good news is, in spite of all that, they all kept their stuff like they were supposed to. They all followed the [correct] policy.”

The newspaper came to believe that this wasn’t the case, and that potentially important e-mails had been deleted:

  • By comparing the volume of e-mails that the three staff members did save in March 2008 to the volume that they saved in the previous year.
  • By comparing the e-mails they turned over in response to an open records request to copies of e-mails that the newspaper obtained in some cases independently.
  • The News & Observer has filed a lawsuit against the administration; Andrew Vanore, the governor’s counsel, is looking forward to waging a vigorous defense paid for by the taxpayers of North Carolina.


    3 responses to “Gov. Mike Easley’s staff deleted e-mails

    1. I can tell you whose e-mails were also deleted and have continually been deleted, sent back as Spam, and ignored. My brother, Allen Jackson Croft Jr. was found executed May 11, 2005 in Durham, ruled a suicide and cremated 2 days later. It has taken me almost 4 years to glean what documents I have gathered, but have been, and still am denied the documents, etc regarding his death, as we suspect and maintain he was murdered and staged as a suicide. If his case is considered closed, then why have the Sheriff’s Office, the Durham PD, DA, OCME, SBI, and State fought us so hard to conceal information from us, his family?
      I have contacted the Governor, AG, DA and every other official, and still being denied information! I have had family and friends make e-mail requests, which we have saved, and have been ignored or sent back as Spam. I am currently seeking an attorney and help from media to expose the massive corruption, and am calling for a Federal Investigation into these matters.
      Rhonda Fleming
      Cleveland, Ohio

    2. It will be 4 years soon, and still we are lied to and being denied our civil rights to FOIA, and of all of the documents as next of kin. And to have the investigation and JUSTICE my dearest brother has been vehemently denied! The corruption in Durham flows extremely deep, and nobody wants to tell out of fear. The government knows it, and does nothing. Unless there is a Federal Investigation my family will be be going to the Supreme Court and European Court For Human Rights to have true JUSTICE, once and for ALL!

    3. Bella & Rick

      Rhonda our deepest sympathy and prayers are with you and your family. This is the problem in our society and always has been. As soon as officials are elected into their positions they feel they are above the laws that govern us all. But we commend you on your persistence with this case. Your brother deserved better and we know that if he were one of their family members things would have turned out completely different. We just want you to know you are not alone in your fight as an American and a mother I can’t stand by and see this kind of injustice. We will contact our representatives or anyone else you think would further your cause. Please let us know what we can do.

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