Wednesday links from around the FOIA-sphere

It’s time again for a round-up of the best of FOIA blogging around the country, with yet another selection of blogs we’ve never seen before who are diving into the FOIAsphere.

California: Take two aspirin before you read this story.

Illinois: Why does Gov. Thompson focus so much on the Illinois Sports Facility Authority? Bloggers! The unchecked growth of cynicism staggers us.

Iowa: Chet not like open records. That’s Chet, the gov. Blogger says, “Maybe Culver was inspired by his big pay raise, approved by lawmakers in the middle of the night.” Why is everyone so cynical these days?

Michigan: Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit is sad. Why, why is everyone so cynical and quick to rush to judgment these days?

Missouri: The F-sphere is ably represented in Missouri by KY3, who tells the tale of how Gov. Matt Blunt is striking back against the lawsuit he faces by targeting the e-mails of Jeff Harris. Look forward to many hours of innocent entertainment and education of Missourians on how open records and email works.

New Jersey: There’s a hospital in Hoboken that got a $52 million bond from the taxpayers to rescue it from financial disaster, wouldn’t open its books, and now the taxpayers will be left holding the bag. Why is everyone so cynical these days?

Pennsylvania: But, and I mean this without any sarcasm whatsoever- truly open government can be a real pain for those in power. So it seems.

Tennessee: The state legislature is playing games with open records. Why is everyone so cynical these days?

Texas: I love blogs! Local accountability! No one is denying that the closed session degenerated into shrieks that could be heard down the hall.

More Texas (it’s a big state): Lubbuck city councilman Todd Klein told to file an open records request if he wants to know what is going on with a project Lubbock is funding. But our friendly local blogger has little sympathy, saying welcome to the crowd.

Federal FOIA: The FOIA drop-box idea.

Keep those FOIA posts coming. How else will we know about the closed sessions generating into shrieks, the city council members who have to file FOIAs to get information for their own city, and so much else? It’s a rich tapestry that tells the endlessly interesting story of people whose parents never told them that you can’t fight city hall.


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