Tuesday open records links round-up

It’s Tuesday, and that means it is time to see what is fresh and new around the FOIAsphere. More and more blogs are writing about access to public records. It’s great!

Arkansas: The Arkansas Blog notes that Arkansas attorney general Dustin McDaniel has ruled that prospective requests for future e-mails are not valid requests under Arkansas law. Not good.

California: The Marin Independent Journal fought the good fight for two years to get county government salary information. They just won. Thanks for noticing, PI Buzz, which is an A+++ blog about access to public records.

Iowa: FOI FYI doesn’t pull any punches writing about Iowa Gov. Chet Culver’s proposal to charge requestors to have government lawyers review documents. “This is dangerous stuff.”.

Missouri: Oh, we love the Blunt-Nixon e-mail open records war in Missouri. But just for its educational value. Otherwise, we disdain raw political machinations. Should Matt Blunt be our next STOTW?

Tennessee: Our once unwavering confidence in Gov. Bredesen’s sunshine quotient has eroded. His office is now murking around with requests for copies of emails about the expensive renovation of the state’s executive mansion.

Washington: Look away, Washington citizens. You have no legitimate interest in records from investigations into allegations of misconduct by a police officer. Avert your gaze.

Wisconsin: Well Armed Sheep (a great name for a blog, isn’t it?) is in the hunt for records of a meeting of a university committee. Good luck.

A big thank you to Maverick for finding these links, and congratulations to her for her blocking in a thrilling come-from-behind victory for the Unholy Rollers in the Mad Rollin Dolls season finale on Saturday.

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