Tuesday open records links round-up

Another Tuesday, another opportunity to explore fresh, FOIA content from around the FOIAsphere.

Boats: The Unofficial Coast Guard Blog doesn’t count as an official media outlet according to the gummint.

Illinois: Pen Street reports that two-thirds of Chicago city council committees are breaking the law. Shocking.

Louisiana: Moldy City wonders whether a person ought to constructively criticize or confront local units of government. As a blogger, the blog believes that it is best to…can you guess?

New Hampshire: Moultonborough Citizens Alliance has something to say about Gilford, New Hampshire’s transparency issues.

North Carolina: We’re not the only people who noticed the similarities between Gov. Mike Easley and Gov. Matt Blunt in the e-mail obscurantism department.

Washington: Thanks to a ballot initiative from a few years back, the state of Washington has a state auditor who audits the performance of government agencies with regard to how well they do complying with the state’s sunshine laws. HT: The Washington Policy Center blog

Washington: Og-Blog celebrates the audit, calling it amazing and thorough.

Sunshine Blogger

Thanks again to Maverick for finding these great links.


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