Open records links round-up: The International Edition

I have no idea how similar the laws governing public access to government documents are in other countries, but I notice that Tony Blair’s records were shredded “by accident”. The techniques for managing public documents, at least, are comfortingly familiar.

Australia: NSW ADT sticks to ‘disclosure to the world’ but policy needs rethinking from Open and Shut.

UK: Culture of spin costs UK police £39m from James Ball’s media musings.

UK: Police PR Spending from Your Right To Know.

UK:The Commons and its tormentors from Open Secrets.

Bermuda: Sunshine Week (with a chance of showers) from Vexed Bermoothes.

Canada: Ontario Commissioner releases 2007 annual report from Canadian Privacy Law Blog.

Australia: Secrecy prevails over Indigenous policy from the Keryn McKinnon Blog.

Scotland: Tony Blair’s expenses shredded ‘by mistake’ from Freedom of Information (Scotland) Web Log

Tasmania: Freedom of Information Reform in Tasmania – Some Initial Ideas from Information and Access



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