This week’s Best of the FOIAsphere: The teen drinking edition

It’s Wednesday, and that means it is time to do the Tuesday links round-up that I didn’t do yesterday.

For those of you visiting for the first time, our “Best of the FOIAsphere” link round-up is our opportunity to visit blogs we may not have encountered before who are writing fresh, interesting content about state and local FOIA, sunshine laws and requests.

California: Could a county assessor be wrong? Nah, that’d never happen.

Kentucky: The Kentucky State Police are are extremely determined not to give a Kentucky newspaper some records. It’s easier to be that determined when the taxpayers are footing all the legal bills, isn’t it?

Minnesota: 2009 is just around the bend.

Missouri: The e-mail war between Gov. Blunt and AG Nixon continues. Far from being haplessly caught in the crossfire, what almost always comes of these situations is an expanded understanding of open records law, and very often a more expansive general agreement about what ought to be made available to the public. For example…the e-mails of a state’s AG and governor.

More Missouri: Why is it that sometimes, gov’t officials would rather not hand over the records? Oh, I don’t know.

New Jersey: Our old friends John Paff and Martin O’Shea keep creating sunshine trouble, and earn some applause along the way.

New York: I defy your request! I defy it!

Tennessee: If you have to go to court to get a couple of very simple open records requests filled by your local school district, Houston, we have a problem.

Texas: If you’re a private corporation, your records are not open to the public. If you’re a public corporation doing the things that private corporations also do, like building a hotel, your records are open to the public. Some people forget this.

Utah: The Utah Attorney General is investigating a local District Attorney, and a local newspaper used an open records request to get an idea of what it’s all about. (Teen drinking, for one.)

Thank you, Maverick, for finding these great links. You can review more of them here.


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