Superintendent salary information in Illinois

An article in a Chicago suburban newspaper today starts out with the unpromising first phrase, Apparently the Freedom of Information Act applies to all government entities.

It’s unpromising because it makes you wonder why this is news…except that it was news to an Illinois circuit court, which was just reversed by the 2nd District Illinois Appellate Court on the question of whether School District 200 has to provide the public with information about a former superintendent’s contract, including his salary. The District is also trying to hold back salary information about their current superintendent, Richard Drury.

Mark Stern, a resident of District 200, had to sue the District over this. The district uses as its basis for withholding the contracts an older ruling in Illinois that contents of personnel files can be held back–and since the contracts for the superintendents are in personnel files, by that older ruling, they can be held back.

The school district is considering an appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court.

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