Open records links round-up

Another week, another selection of links that shows how much great open records blogging is going on around the country. The list of links we look at to compile this gets bigger every week. Very encouraging.

First, our featured post from Vermont:
Be still, my beating heart! There’s a Bureaucracy Blog in Vermont and it’s fantastic. Check out The People’s Right To Know – Right Now!


There’s an enemy of sunshine in the state who is “absolutely stunned” that e-mails sent to public employees could be considered public. I, also, am absolutely stunned.


STOTW Andy Thibault says, Niehoff e-mails reveal patterns of misconduct, idiocy. Sadly, he is not bloggagerating.


This is exactly what turns people into curmudgeons, isn’t it?


It’s not quite as bad as Anakin turning into Darth Vader, but it’s pretty bad.


What’s this?! A city manager blogging and answering FOIA questions right on his blog?

North Carolina:

The emotions of parents manipulated by opportunistic politicians. I didn’t know that ever happened.

Rhode Island:

Faster, please: Rhode Island legislature passes bill to speed up process.


Bredesen Administration Flack Continues to Defy Open Records Law. That’s the story right there.


In case you didn’t know already, the Dallas City Council wants you to shut up.

My fingers having worn themselves down to the nub typing this, I encourage you to head over here for more great reading.

Thanks, Maverick.


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