Ever feel like public officials don’t take you or your records request seriously?

Sometimes, professional journalists feel the same way.

3 responses to “Ever feel like public officials don’t take you or your records request seriously?

  1. Orville Seymer

    I filed 2 “Open Records Requests” with the office of Mayor Tom Barrett of the City of Milwaukee in January of this year.

    I had to send 3 follow-up letters (2 threatened legal action) until I finally received the requested information about a week ago.

    The information that I was looking for was all complaints about any employee of the Dept. of Neighborhood Services (Building Inspectors) for the years 2006 and 2007.

    I took me almost 6 months to get the records and after reading through them, I can understand why they did not want to release these records.

    I actually thought that I might find 10-12 written complaints. What I found were 108 pages of gut-wrenching complaints about inspectors who abuse their authority and power to intimidate citizens into compliance with “the code” or to hit them up for fines that go into city coffers to enhance the budget and keep “the dept.” going.

    Do you think this type of intimidation is occurring in your city? I am willing to take bet that it is. It is a simple process to check into it, simply file an Open Records Request, just be prepared for the foot dragging and excuses for why they cannot release the records.

    Just for the record, I am a white male who is about 6′ 5″ tall but that is not why I am able to get the records when I make requests, I like to think that I know and understand the law and use it to my advantage.

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  3. I and several other citizens and journalists have been unable to obtain public records from the Ramona Unified School District and its expensive National Law Firm advising them how to obfuscate, stall and simply continue to withhold some Documents which ordinarily should not be a big dealThat is until you understand that this single mother and sole provider for two daughters has had the audacity to believe in Constitutional rights and trusting in a fair trial.
    Ramona Unified School District adminstrators and their Attorneys took my sole means of support -Our Land- ostensibly for Schools. I just wanted a fair price for our land-Never in my wildest dreams would I magine a School District and its Giant Attorneys racketeering and Fraud to lie and cheat us out of our Land.

    Finally a document was produced after many requests and bogus replies and time delay only to be turned over when it was too late for my appeal and Judge keeping information “out of the Record”. ?Hmmm?

    Two Documents continue to be withheld/not produced and to avoid Discovery in the Federal Court they have sued me for Anti-Slapp. For the uinitiated they are saying they had first amendment rights to lie and cheat me out of my land in denying me a fair price of highest and best use. This Law Firm has been cited for abusing thsis legal mechanism before.
    Me and my daughters are about to lose our famiy home for having the audactity to stand up for our rights–your rights-Constitutional rights for every citizen who owns property.

    Say a prayer for justice as we wait to hear from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Joan Kearney
    July 5, 2008

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