Best practices for city e-mail retention, archiving

White House e-mails, gubernatorial e-mails (the ones that Matt Blunt, Jon Corzine, Mike Easley, etc. can’t seem to lay their hands on or are going to court to shield from public scrutiny)…

What about city e-mails? What’s urgently needed is a model set of practices for cities to look at when they get around to getting serious about making sure that electronic communications are readily and inexpensively available.

In San Francisco, there’s a Sunshine Ordinance Task Force. Richard Knee, who chairs SOFT’s Compliance and Amendments Committee, is looking for examples of what others cities or government agencies have adopted as practices that work in this area.

He writes:

San Francisco’s Sunshine Ordinance Task Force is examining the records-retention policies and practices of a number of city entities, with the aim of recommending improvements where appropriate. We are focusing on electronic records, especially the question of saving them on paper; and on legislative records, particularly how long they should be maintained after action on specific pieces of legislation has been concluded.

We are seeking information on best practices in other U.S. cities, counties, school and college districts, etc. Pointers and links to sources also will be helpful and appreciated.

Contact Richard here.


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