Tuesday open records link round-up

It’s a fine summer day and time to stroll through the FOIAsphere for some more fine FOIA blogging.

Pick of the week:

Jurors. Public info some places, not other places.


Jon Caldara, who has been busy this month was kind enough to notice our CORA article on the WikiFOIA portal on Sunshine Review.


John Heneghan, whose blog tagline is “transparency in Government breeds self-corrective behavior” (yes!) blogs about still looking for school plans.




There’s a fine Sunshine blogger–someone who even files lawsuits!–and all I can say is, these judges need replacing.

Elsewhere in Louisiana, a city attorney has been asked for an explanation.

New York:

Reporter Andrew Bernstein is giving Saratoga Springs the benefit of the doubt. Not sure I would.

North Carolina:


North Dakota:

Rob at Say Anything, one of my favorite blogs, reports on an apparent effort over the weekend to crash Sunshine on Schools, a new transparency website in North Dakota.


I’ll see your FOIA and raise you another FOIA.

South Carolina:

Just watch out when those political operatives start filing FOIAs.

Here’s another South Carolina story: Emails Out SCPRT Chief’s Involvement in ‘So Gay’ Ad Campaign. I won’t try to describe it. You just have to read it for yourself.




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