John Washburn: We knew him when.

Yes, friend, blogger and one of our fav STOTWs John Washburn has moved right out of our league.

In September, John is being honored with the James Madison Award presented each year by the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas for his:

…nationwide efforts on behalf of open government, including, of course, your high profile dispute with Governor Rick Perry’s office regarding its policy of automatically deleting emails seven days after they have been sent or received.

John was a staunch help in organizing our Sunshine Blogger Project earlier this year to see what the other govs had to say for themselves, e-mail-wise.

In working on this project, we saw John give untold hours of quick assistance to bloggers around the country who were participating whenever they ran into a roadblock. (We saw this because when someone would ask me a question I would…forward it to John.)

John, you are the very best, and I’m glad to see we’re not the only ones who think so.


2 responses to “John Washburn: We knew him when.

  1. Wonderful news!

    I’m still tickled by his reference to my “Guide to Hiding Records” in his letter to the governor. Tactics, by number! I should really get around to expanding it into full book-length form. I think it would be a hit in open records circles.

  2. I reference it whenever I can.

    Yes, a 13 chapte book (one for each of the 3 reasons and one for each of the ten tactics) would be a hit.

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