Alaska’s policies on gubernatorial open records

When I left on vacation, I didn’t imagine I’d be able to write about the Alaska FOIA law and have even two people care.

I’ve only done a little research, but the Alaska Supreme Court has leaned in favor of the idea that there should be somewhat of an executive privilege in Alaska when it comes to some of the documents created by the executive branch–namely, documents relating to the decision-making processes of the staff and governor.

Based on that court record, evidently, the Palin administration about a month ago asserted a claim of executive privilege regarding some Palin e-mails.

I’ve added this information to our round-up article about governors and e-mail because I know this is intrinsically much more interesting than whether Bristol Palin’s boyfriend Levi Johnston walks onto the RNC stage tonight although…it looks like thousands of articles on that particular subject have been posted in just the last several hours.


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